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I have waited to see Justin and Kendall eating dinner together for 3 years now, I’m more than happy!
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Anonymous: what happened to the MSFTS ?

Uhm nothing, MSFTS is still a group, but it’s mostly only the guys now. 

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Anonymous: What is the difference between a weave and Clip ins

You can put your clip-ins in your hair wherever you want, whereas the weave should be put from your hairstylist and be sew-in or glued up to your hair.

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Anonymous: Kylie is definitely a stoner.. Do you know who her boyfriend is? The whole msfts crew smokes.

There’s no MSFTS anymore.

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Anonymous: NAC: does kylie wear weave or clip-ins now?

Not really sure, but I think it’s a weave.

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Anonymous: I've been smoking weed for 3 years and for a while I was smoking everyday and I NEVER had withdrawl and weed actually helped me tremendously with overcoming my severe depression. There are so many misconceptions about weed...
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Anonymous: People feel sorry for Kylie because she's not as famous Kendall? #richandfamouswhitegirlproblems. I'm literally speechless.
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